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Clear the Clutter Card Deck

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Make decluttering fun! Combat the clutter at your own pace with these printable cards that break decluttering your entire home into manageable, easy-to-accomplish missions.

Supercharge your decluttering journey with our printable card deck, featuring 52 powerful tasks- one for each week of the year- to help you conquer clutter and create a space you'll love. Using them for just a few minutes a week will have a remarkable impact on your home.

Transform your home into a clutter-free haven with our Clear the Clutter Card Deck!


  • Efficient Organization: Discover effective techniques and strategies to declutter and organize your space like never before. Our Clear the Clutter Card Deck provides step-by-step guidance for each task, ensuring you stay on track and maximize your results.
  • Time-saving Tips: Say goodbye to wasted hours searching for misplaced items. With our card deck, you'll learn valuable time-saving tips to streamline your daily routines and optimize your productivity.
  • Sustainable Habits: Clear the Clutter Card Deck goes beyond temporary fixes and empowers you to develop sustainable decluttering habits. You'll learn how to maintain a clutter-free space for the long term, ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of an organized home year-round.


  • A beautifully designed, printable card deck delivered digitally via .pdf with 52 task cards, ready to be implemented into your decluttering routine. 
  • Each card provides clear instructions and guidance, making it easy to take action and see results.
  • Bonus Resources and Tips: Alongside the deck, you'll receive additional resources and helpful tips to enhance your decluttering journey.

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Clear the Clutter Card Deck Sale price$19.00 Regular price$29.00